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Youth Ministry Opportunities

Children's Ministry: 

Our Children's Ministry is SPARK (St. Paul's Amazing Respected Kid's).  The SPARK Ministry is designed to assist families with elementary age children as they grow in their faith.  Through their baptism, God has made them His children and they are a part of the body of Christ and valuable memebers of our congregation.  The role of families is very important in the spiritual growth of our children. St. Paul's offers children in the elementary department and their families an opportunity to participate and have fellowship with one another in various events and activities throughout the year.


Middle School Ministry:  Our Middle School Ministry is FLAME (Forming Lasting Affirming Ministry Experiences).  This FLAME Ministry demonstrates the importance of attending instruction classes and participating in activities that assist the students as they confirm their faith in the main teachings of the Bible and reflect on their baptismal vows.  They are also preparing to continue their journey of growing closer to Jesus Christ.  Students in grades 6-8 meet every Wednesday evening during the school year. This group meets for nuture, worship, witness, service and fellowship opportunities through our confirmation instruction program. Throughout the year the students learn the main teachings of the Lutheran church and also participate in active ministry events to enhance their faith and build positive relationships with one another.


Senior High Ministry:  FYRE (Faithful Youth Reaching Everyone) is the name of our Senior High Ministry.  This ministry demonstrates the importance of having Jesus in your life as a teenager.  Building relationships with other teens and understanding that the Bible is relevant and has the answers to their needs is an importanat part of this ministry.  Through FYRE the students can participate in the five areas of ministry (Worship, Nurture, Fellowship, Witness and Service).  Students in High School meet regularly on Sunday evenings with opportunities for teens to get together with friends in a Christian environment.  We meet at 6pm for food and fellowship followed by devotional time to assist young people with their spiritual walk with Jesus.  We also meet every Sunday morning for Bible Study.  Each study focuses on a relevant and practical study or topic that youth can relate to as they deal with the issues and distractions of this world in a Christian manner.

Denver Mission Trip

Church built in 1891 -- stayed here for servent event.

Upcoming Events

Youth Picnic (9th - 12th Grade)

Sunday August 3rd at 5pm

We will be grilling burgers and brats, playing some games and getting to know one another so that we can teach each other all there is to know about our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Confirmation Service Project

The Confirmation Classes made and packed 1500 sandwiches for 363 Ministries on February 12th.  The sandwiches will be served to the hungry in the Twin Cities by 363.


Sunday School Christmas Program 2013

Nat'l Youth Gathering


A group of youth attended the National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas July 1-5, 2013.   The theme for the gathering was Live Love(d) based on 1 John 1:9 "This is how God showed his love among us:  He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him."  The following is a recap of the gathering:

Visit the National Youth Gathering website for more information also. 

VBS 2013

We had 109 children attend VBS in July 2013.  Here's some of the fun that happened at VBS this year . . .





Junior High Youth Retreat - April 2013


Easter Egg Hunt - 2013


Youth Bowling February 2013


Collide January 2013


Feed My Starving Children FLAME Service Event

FYRE Sever's Corn Maze Event

Sever’s Corn Maze Experience

SPARK Minnesota Harvest Event

Loaves & Fishes

Volunteers at February Loaves & Fishes



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Sunday School


  • Isabel Hoeben


  • Julie Dahn & Helen Just - 3 yr olds
  • Lisa Seeman & Lindy Schallenkamp - 4 yr olds
  • Dawn Holm & Caari Dueffert - 5 yr olds
  • Erica Nowak and Jeana Novotny & Christine Klema - 1st & 2nd Grade
  • Shelly Meier & Keeley Meier - 3rd Grade
  • Kelly Wolter and Chris & Tammy Hokanson - 4th Grade
  • Gail Borchardt - 5th Grade
  • Pearl Dusha - 6th Grade
  • Brad & Angie Anderson - 7th & 8th Grade
  • High School

Confirmation Teachers:

  • Holly Andreen - 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • Pastor Vaughn - 8th Grade

Children's Church

Children’s Church:  What is it?

It is a shortened church service for children age 4 to 3rd grade.  The service is designed to focus on the main message from the sermon in the regular service.  Through singing, action songs and a children’s message the children have the opportunity to worship at their age level.  It also gives parents the opportunity to focus on their worship experience. Children’s Church is provided at the second service 10:30 a.m. each Sunday.